Adrokas Soulshaft


Adrokas Soulshaft is a mature dwarf at the age of 60 years(making him 25 years in equivalent to humans) He has striking blue eyes, long black hair and a medium length beard.


The youngest son of one of the main stone working families of the [dwarven mountains]
he had a calling from a young age to explore the forests around his family’s mine. When his father found out he wanted to become a ranger he was furious and ended up disowning him. Adrokas left home with very few possessions and was wandering around the wilderness when he got lost in a snowstorm. After three days he had used his last trap in hopes of catching an unsuspecting animal to use for food. When he returned to his trap there was a silver and white badger in it. When Adrokas approached the badger he was slashed in the face by one of its claws and fell to the ground. He woke up several days later in a small hut surrounded by furs and with a thick smell of musk. A wizened old dwarf man holding the silver and white badger came into his view and said " You’re lucky old Biter here wasn’t trying to kill you or you’d be dead!" he chuckles softly and starts coughing. “So what’s a young lad doing out here in the middle of the winter during a blizzard?” Adrokas told the old man his tale and of how he was hoping to become a ranger because it was his calling. The old man sat down and coughed softly and mumbled before saying that he would train him. The old man’s name was Harsk. After several years of grueling ranger training Harsk told Adrokas that there wan’t anything else he could teach him. After heading down the mountain Adrokas headed to Dalan where he found work as a trapper and scout. While checking some of his snares Adrokas came upon a caravan heading towards Lainurai. Since he was between jobs he spoke to the wagonmaster about joining as protection, as well as providing fresh meat. The wagonmaster agreed and after several uneventful weeks they came to Lainurai. This is where Adrokas left the employ of the caravan. He went to the nearest inn and asked for a strong cup of tea and a light snack. (somewhere after this point I would have met the rest of the party thus beginning our 2-3 years of adventuring together) He has been with his current group of adventurers for two or three years.

Adrokas Soulshaft

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