Sir Rath Osteaus


Rath Osteaus looks as a young knight, his face eager and shining. His looks are always immaculate. His face cleanly shaven, his hair clean and combed, and he smells faintly of soap and armor polish. Wearing full plate and wielding a heavy mace and steel shield, he is a wall on the battlefield.


Orwn Osteaus was a soldier for an elven count, going on campaigns for him and serving as an officer in his armies. One campaign season Orwn returned home with a baby, his son Rath with one of the camp followers who died in childbirth. As Orwn grew older, he was assigned to train and equip new militia and soldiers. Rath grew up in the training yard. He heard the stories of the old campaigners and was carrying a wooden sword as soon as he could walk. He was teased in his youth for his mother being a camp whore and he’s still sensitive about it.

Rath’s apprenticeship was in the militia. His youth was spent patrolling the nearby villages and woods. Once he came of age, he began hiring out his skills as a mercenary guard. (This would be when he met most of the party). Last year his nobleman called him back to join the armies for a campaign. It was in a decisive battle there that one of the elven princes fell from their mount. Their guards scattering, Rath held the line while aid was sent to rescue the wounded prince. For his bravery, Rath was knighted and enjoys name-dropping his new title ‘Sir’. From this, he was able to gain entry into a paladin order as an initiate. To complete his entrance, he was given the task to not slay any intelligent thing for one year. As an assistance, he was allowed to choose a novitiate weapon. His choice was ‘Bruiser’, a mericiful heavy mace.

Sir Rath Osteaus

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